How To Create Your Luxury Destination Wedding

You’re choosing to create a luxury wedding full of fashionable statement pieces, high-quality services and true opulence, but even better you’re choosing to jet off somewhere magical!

There are so many incredible locations around the world from Ibiza to California, and they have something unique to offer everyone. But, something they all have in common is they all allow you to create the luxury vibe you’re after.

Putting together a destination wedding requires more logistics and planning, so to help you I am going to tell you how to create your luxury destination wedding, with ease. 

11 Steps to Create Your Luxury Destination Wedding

  • Know your vision
  • Hire a luxury destination wedding planner
  • Choose a Location
  • Create a guest list
  • Book your destination wedding photographer
  • Book your other luxury wedding suppliers
  • Legalities and documentation 
  • Create a destination wedding planning checklist
  • Send your save the dates
  • Look into accommodation 
  • View the location beforehand

Know your vision

It is important to take some time to figure out your vision for the day before making any firm decisions. What does your ideal luxury destination wedding look and feel like in your mind?

Is it a fun, outdoor wedding in a warm, tropical garden with an amazing cocktail list? A high-end wedding in a luxury wedding venue with breathtaking views and entertainment?

Whatever it may be, you know best, so write down all your thoughts and ideas or create a Pinterest board and you can go from there. To help you create your vision hiring a wedding planner is a good idea. 

Choose a Location

The next step is to select the ideal location for your luxury destination wedding. 

A classy European city, for example, would be an ideal setting for a luxurious, intimate wedding, whereas Bali would be ideal for a more intimate, tropical celebration.

There are lots of luxury places to get married so check out my top locations for a destination wedding!

Once you’ve decided on a location, you can begin looking for wedding venues in the surrounding area. Make sure you look around and see what venue works best for you, in terms of style, size, services and so on. 

From here, you can set the right date for you!

Have a think about: 

  • Is it near an airport, making it easily accessible to your guests?
  • Is there affordable lodging available on-site or nearby?
  • Are there any travel restrictions to be aware of?
  • Is it appropriate for young children (if applicable)?
  • You might even want to hire a local wedding planner to make recommendations and tour venues on your behalf.

Hire a luxury destination wedding planner

Following on from my previous point, hiring a luxury destination wedding planner is a great idea if you would like to eliminate all of the stress away from you.

Plus, choosing a planner who specialises in destination weddings or is local to the area will be ideal as they will know all of the legalities, venues, best spots and surrounding things to do to create a truly wonderful day for you. 

Check out my favourite wedding planners here!

Create a guest list

The next step is to decide who will be invited to your luxury destination wedding. Your wedding vision and priorities for the day will ultimately determine your guest list.

Do you want to just have your close family and friends with you? Or do you plan for all of your friends and family for a huge celebration? 

Finally, this is your wedding, and your guest list is entirely up to you. If you do choose to have a more intimate wedding, you can always live stream your ceremony and throw an after-party later!

Your loved ones are likely to be supportive of your decision and simply delighted to see you marry!

Book your destination wedding photographer

A luxury wedding photographer, like me, can capture your destination wedding perfectly for you to look back on it in true style!

A destination wedding photographer is always worth it because the photos are memories that you will cherish for years to come. Plus, when you have spent so much time and money planning and creating the day you’ve dreamt of for years, it only makes sense to have it captured. 

When choosing a photographer it is really important to get to know them because it is not just about the quality of the images they will deliver you; it is also about the quality of communication that they give you. 

As well, it is important to choose a photographer who specialises in destination weddings, like me as we have experience travelling, logistics and locations! Plus, we are just as excited as you to go on a dream adventure!

Book your other luxury wedding suppliers

If you have opted to do the planning alone without a planner then you certainly need to research and book your luxury wedding suppliers!

Local wedding blogs and directories can assist you in locating reputable suppliers in the area, ranging from caterers to stylists and entertainment companies.

Once you’ve found your dream team, you can rely on them for guidance. They will have local knowledge and can make the best recommendations for your special day.

Legalities and documentation 

Different countries have different rules for legally marrying, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible! Enlist the assistance of a local celebrant who can explain the legalities and ensure your documentation has been done properly.

Don’t forget that you can get legally married in your hometown before or after your luxury destination wedding, and then host a symbolic ceremony at your destination.

You should also double-check your passport information and allow plenty of time to order a replacement if necessary.

Create a destination wedding planning checklist

Destination weddings necessitate a whole new level of planning, so get some systems in place!

You can do this with pen and paper– you could even buy yourself a lovely new planning book for the occasion, or do it online! There are also many different digital wedding planners out there– check them out on Etsy!

Send your save the dates

Once you’ve decided on a wedding date and location, you’ll want to notify your guests as soon as possible by sending save-the-date invites. Send them at least 9-12 months before the big day to give your guests plenty of time to plan.

Look into accommodation 

Accommodation will be a top priority for both you and your guests, so spend some time researching options in the surrounding area. To meet the needs of your guests, there should ideally be a variety of options at various price points.

You may even be able to secure a block of rooms at a nearby hotel with a group discount for your loved ones if possible. Again, relying on your wedding venue or wedding planner for recommendations can be extremely beneficial!

View the location beforehand

Ideally, you should plan a pre-wedding trip to your wedding venue and the location at least once before your luxury destination wedding day. You can use this time to personally tour your venue, meet your wedding suppliers, and tie up any loose ends before the day.

You can even schedule a menu tasting or an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer!

Send your RSVPs

Now that your wedding schedule is set, you can send out formal invitations to your guests. 

You should send these out 4-6 months before the wedding and include a link to your wedding website for more information– if you’ve created one.

Sending out luxury wedding invitations is a great way to give your guests a glimpse of what to expect in terms of the theme!

Ready to plan your luxury destination wedding? 

Now you know how to create your luxury destination wedding, you should be able to go away and plan with much more ease knowing you have a checklist in place! 
I am a destination wedding photographer, so if you’re ready to enquire get in touch here.