How To Plan Your Luxury Wedding Day in Style

Do you have a vision of how you see your wedding day? A big day full of love, happiness and celebrations with your family and friends.

The most fashionable, on-trend, luxury wedding day that’ll have your guests feeling like they have just walked into an A-list celebrities event… as well as making your wedding unique by adding personal touches.

You have all of these amazing ideas in mind but now you need to put them into action and make them a reality. So, to help you out here is how to plan your luxury wedding day in style!

9 Steps to Planning Your Luxury Wedding Day

  • Set Your Wedding Budget 
  • Know Your Wedding Vision
  • Find a Luxury Wedding Venue
  • Send Your Luxury Wedding Invites
  • Find Your Luxury Wedding Photographer
  • Find Your Luxury Wedding Suppliers
  • Create a Wedding Day Timeline
  • Create a Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Have fun!

Set Your Wedding Budget 

The very first thing you should do before you start planning, searching and booking is to note down and review your finances to determine how much you want to spend together. If you’re here, you likely have a healthy budget in mind to achieve the luxury wedding of dreams – but it is still important to know your budget and stick to it accordingly.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant events in your life and a time you spent so much time planning and it will create a lifetime of memories, so allocating your budget in the right places is vital. 

Weddings can range in price from £5,000 to £100,000+ – this does not mean you should not set a budget. Once you’ve determined what you want to spend, divide your budget into different categories.

This part of the process is not always the most enjoyable part, even if you’re an accountant, but it has to be done! Complete this step first so you don’t have any extra worries later on, and then you can focus on the fun stuff.

Plus, if you decide to invest in a wedding planner they can make sure you stay within your budget and keep a track of what is being spent, and where!

Know Your Wedding Vision

Once your budget is in place, the real fun can begin – phew! It is time to envision and create your Pinterest board, to determine what kind of wedding day you both really want

Start thinking about everything from the style and theme to the type of luxury wedding venue in the UK you would like and the ideal location. Or, if you’re planning a destination wedding the same applies, choose a location and venue that suits you.

I have created destination wedding guides for you if you plan on getting married in Tulum or Mallorca!

Determine what aspects of your wedding day are most important to you. This could range from wanting a garden wedding under the stars, an intimate retreat, a lavish party with gourmet food, or simply wanting to wear the Vera Wang wedding dress you’ve dreamed of since you were a child.

To plan your luxury wedding day, you need to set time aside to start thinking about who you want to invite to your wedding; having an idea of guest numbers will help with choosing your wedding venue and how much of everything such as food, drinks, chairs etc.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Colour Palette – Pinterest is great for finding colour ideas; simply type in a colour followed by the word wedding and a plethora of options will appear.
  • Themes – is there a particular theme you would like to express? Maybe this is unique to you and your partner – think about ways of implementing this theme throughout your wedding day, big or small.

Bridal magazines and Pinterest are excellent sources of inspiration; you can find inspiration for everything from bridal flowers to wedding cakes and table decorations. 

  • Style – the style you want to express for your day and in the images is luxury, so expressing this with the right styling and suppliers is key.
  • Backdrop – what kind of backdrop are you looking for inside and outside? Think of the features the venue has to offer. Also, think of what sort of outdoor backdrop you dream of – the sea, rolling hills, or lots of florals, you name it!

Find a Luxury Wedding Venue

To plan your luxury wedding day, your wedding venue is a big deal – it is where you will be hosting your day and ultimately where the styling takes place! Deciding on a luxury wedding venue can be difficult with the number of venue choices we have in the UK.

So, take some time to really look into the following:

  • Venues design and features
  • Big windows and lots of light 
  • The capacity it holds
  • What services and facilities they offer (this may determine whether you need to book other suppliers)
  • Accommodation and Parking

There are many things to consider and that is why it is so important to have a list ready with all of your questions and requirements and book an appointment with them to talk it through.

Send Your Luxury Wedding Invites

Now you’ve decided on a vision and booked a venue, you now need to tease your guests and give them a hint of what’s to come – oh, and of course give them a date, time and location etc! You can do this with your luxury wedding invites.

There are many beautiful invite templates available for download, printing, and use, as well as some fantastic wedding stationery designers who can work their magic on your wedding invites, save the dates, table names, and other wedding day stationery.

On your invitations, you can include an RSVP date, and you can request email responses; however, a more modern approach is to create your own wedding website where guests can learn more about your special day as well as confirm that they are attending.

Find Your Luxury Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers can be booked up to two years in advance, so if you want someone whose work you truly love then securing your date with them should be your top priority.

There are many different wedding photography styles, so look through portfolios before deciding which one is right for you. And it is important to get to know the photographer too, to ensure they understand your vision and because they will be with you during your day, you will want them to feel like a friend, as well as someone capturing every moment of your day.

I am an editorial wedding photographer who specialises in working with couples who have a big vision and are fashion-forward – I capture their day truly how it is in a style that exudes romance, opulence and fun! This is the best style to showcase your luxury day.

A wedding photographer is vital – especially because you have spent so much time and money planning the event of your dreams – so what better way to remember every detail, emotion and moment that happened?

Find Your Luxury Wedding Suppliers

After you’ve secured the venue and photographer, you can focus on other details for your special day, that all come together to create the day you envision.

The same as your photographer – look at their work, testimonials, get to know them and ensure they understand and can create your vision. 

Some luxury wedding suppliers to consider include:

  • Wedding Flowers – from your wedding bouquet to the details and wedding arch.
  • Caterer – serve your guests the best cuisine – do lots of taste testing!
  • Luxury Wedding Stationery – all of the details from your invites to your signs tell a big story.
  • Luxury Wedding Dress – to feel like a true queen on your day, investing in a high-quality dress, that is on trend is vital for your vogue magazine moment!
  • Wedding Planner – to save you so much time and hassle, bring an expert on board who can help you plan all of the logistics, details, suppliers and handle your budget.

Check out my blog about the importance of investing in luxury wedding suppliers – for all of my supplier suggestions and how they can help create a luxury event.

Create a Wedding Day Timeline

Create your timeline of events from beginning to end – add in every little detail including your suppliers’ names and contact details in case anyone needs to get in touch with them on the day.

  • Think about your unique wedding logistics such as where you will get ready and what time, when you will have a first look, transportation times and pickup locations, wedding portraits (I like scheduling these in for a particular time, so we can get them done and you can enjoy the rest of your day!), your cake cutting, champagne tower and so on.
  • Start your wedding day timeline from scratch because every wedding is unique and copying a wedding timeline template from the internet word for word is unlikely to work for your big day. Make a list of all the events that must take place before and after the ceremony, and then estimate how long each one will take.
  • Talk to a wedding planning expert as they and venue event managers are usually the first people you should contact if you need help creating your wedding day timeline. Based on their experience, they’ll know how to plan out the day and how to adjust your vision to fit the realities of the time.
  • Distribute your wedding day timeline widely. It should be clearly formatted and distributed to all of your suppliers, as well as family members and your bridal party, the week before the wedding. Everyone will know where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be there.

Create a Wedding Planning Checklist

Your organisation is key, so create a big checklist or lots of mini checklists to keep you on track – every day, every week and every month. This will avoid confusion and you will feel super organised!

Simply create a wedding planning checklist on paper or on your phone or order a special planner just for the occasion.

Have fun!

The best tip I can give you to plan your luxury wedding day in style is to simply have fun. The day you have always dreamed of is finally here and you don’t want to ruin the excitement with stress and overwhelm. 

So, remember why you are creating this day, be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can enjoy the process as much as you possibly can!

Are you ready to start planning your luxury wedding day?

Now you know how to plan your luxury wedding day in style you’re sure to do it with much more ease and knowledge knowing what to tick off your checklist. 
If you’re ready to enquire about your editorial wedding photography so you can receive a luxury wedding album full of memories, then I would love to chat!