How to Plan a Vegan Wedding

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Carrot be possible to plan a vegan wedding? Yes, it absolutely can! Putting my very bad vegetable pun to one side (sorry!), creating the vegan wedding of your dreams is completely doable. 

However, as with any other kind of wedding it requires careful planning, and you’d be wise to allocate a little extra time on top if you want a cruelty-free, ethically sourced wedding. 

As a vegan myself, I fully empathise with the time it can sometimes take to source the products you are after, none the more so than on your wedding day! To make things just that little bit easier, here are my go-to choices for planning a wedding with minimal impact on animals or the environment. From the cake right down to the venue – I’ve got you covered!



We all know that when it comes to wedding day food, the cake is the thing that trumps everything else: we all want a slice! But how do you make sure that your cake is both vegan and pleases everyone’s taste buds? Step forward Avant Garde Cake Studio. If you are looking for a team to create a truly delectable cake that is equal parts beautiful and delicious, then this is the vegan cake company for you!

Head baker and pâtissière Sarah aims to create ‘edible masterpieces’ infusing artistry with baking, and that is clear to see in the enchanting cruelty-free cakes she provides that are an utter joy to look at.



Show all your friends and family (including the ever so slightly sceptical ones…) just how damn scrumptious vegan food can be with plant-based catering company Planted.

With these guys, you are very much in safe hands! Planted will happily collaborate with you to create an unforgettable bespoke menu for you and your guests to enjoy.  Whether it’s drinks receptions, a buffet or a three-course menu for your elopement, the team has got it all sorted.

The founders, Gabriella and Molly, are totally passionate about changing the bland and dull stigma that vegan food sometimes gets unfairly loaded with, and create delicious nutritious food that brings people together. What more could you want for catering on your wedding day?


Engagement rings

An ethically sourced ring to pop the question with is a moral must, vegan or not, and you have plenty of options to choose from! For inspiration, we suggest taking a look at brands such as Trumpet & Horn, that create show-stopping rings using recycled metals, which are not only one-of-a-kind but also completely eco-friendly too.

Or how about Bario Neal? They handcraft ethically-sourced fair trade gold from conflict-free regions, such as Namibia and Australia, with a percentage of proceeds going to charity.  

Regardless of the company you decide to buy the ring from in the end, checking if the engagement ring provider goes through the Kimberley process (meaning that you have proof that it is not a conflict diamond purchase) is an important thing to do.

Don’t forget that if you want to go that step further in terms of sustainability, check out secondhand options!  Of course, you have Etsy or eBay being the most popular websites to find a special gem, but I’d also take a look at Jasmine Bowden’s selection as well.

Her collection is gorgeous, and each of the pieces is made by Jasmine herself (and she does bespoke commissions too, in case you are wondering!). The jewellery is all inspired by the beauty of the coastal surroundings in the West Country and is perfectly in keeping with a modern, bohemian bride vibe.


Wedding dress

Finding a wedding dress that not only suits your personal taste but is also ethically made doesn’t need to be a challenge!

One of my top choices for stunning, ethically made bridalwear would have to be Luna Bride. With the dresses sourced in the UK, their wedding collection line is the epitome of sophisticated chic and a little ethereal flair thrown in for good measure. The Rose dress is a particular standout, featuring beautiful head-to-toe French lace as well as gorgeous chiffon panels that mean you will truly float down the aisle.

There’s also Reformation, both a hip and environmentally conscious brand option for vegan brides, with the label taking seriously into account both their environmental as well as social impact by only using materials that are natural or mostly recycled.

If you are looking for something refined and a little pared back, we love the Gatsby dress from their line! Oh, and not only do they have wedding dresses covered, but also a range of elegant bridesmaid dresses in neutral, earthy colour palettes to choose from too. Simply perfect!   

Or if boho cool that has been sustainably produced is what you are after, then you absolutely need to check out Indiebride London! Their long, flowing, handcrafted dresses are ideal for the bride looking for a dress that totally captures her free-spiritedness. One of my favourites has to be the vintage-looking Cyrene dress.  The back of the gown has a divine lace trim that will just look absolutely beautiful in photos.



As I am sure you are already aware, to be completely eco-friendly you could consider paperless invites, but if you would like them, did you know that another option could also be looking at plant-based inks? 

I really recommend Wonderland Invites who create custom delicate floral wreath designs (after all, no wedding is ever the same!) that are almost impossible not to fall in love with. Summerlane Studio also creates magical, eco-friendly invitation designs with a botanical feel. They use compostable plastic and eco-packaging, and get this: even their studio is powered by 100% renewable electricity!


Floral styling

When it comes to sorting out floral arrangements for your big day, always opt for a local florist and go for flowers that are in season in the UK. Importing flowers has a considerable carbon footprint, and that’s not even including all the chemicals and pesticides that can be sprayed on them afterwards so they keep artificially fresh for as long as possible!  



Given the increasing popularity of veganism, most venues will be more than happy to work alongside you to put together a fantastic vegan menu to wow your guests.  Alternatively, many wedding venues also allow you to bring in an external catering team so that you can bring these scrumptious plant-based dishes to life.

In any case, it is still very much possible to pick an eco-friendly venue that is utterly picturesque. No need to compromise on a beautiful location!

Wondering what venues are out there? I especially like GreenAcre’s Rainford as a location. It is a breathtakingly beautiful place that is set in 65 acres of serene woodland and if the wedding is in the summer, you can also enjoy the colourful wildflower meadows in bloom. A truly wonderful photo backdrop!



As a UK and destination wedding photographer who aligns with your values, I would be delighted to help capture your vegan wedding, one of the most memorable days of your life!  You can get in touch here, I look forward to hearing from you!




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