What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot

Engagement photos provide a wonderful opportunity to share with your loved ones a truly special moment in your lives, as well as being a lovely keepsake for you both to fondly look back on.

 Your engagement shoot photos could also make fantastic wedding stationery in the lead up to the ceremony, in the form of memorable save-the-dates or inventive wedding invitations. 

When it comes to the shoot itself, it’s a perfect chance to get a bit more used to being in front of the lens and to get to know your wedding photographer too before the big day. For others, it is an occasion to celebrate their engagement in a location that might otherwise prove tricky to elope in.

But what exactly should you wear to an engagement shoot? Unlike the wedding itself where the options available to you are pretty much more or less defined, engagement attire comes with considerably less guidance.

With all this in mind, let’s demystify the process a little. As a North West wedding photographer, here are my recommendations to wear for your engagement shoot, so you and your partner have photos that you can happily look at for many years to come.


  couple photo shoot  couple love photo shoot

Think neutral or earthy tones

Ultimately, the most important aspect of any engagement shoot is the loved-up couple. Taking into consideration that the focus of the shoot should be overwhelmingly on capturing the connection between the two of you, try to keep colours hues neutral or earthy.

These colour palettes will be less distracting visually unlike vivid colours, helping to centre the attention of the photographs.

This isn’t to say to avoid colour entirely – after all, the engagement shoot should be a reflection of your combined personalities. However, it is worth keeping in mind that very bold colour can end up being a tad overpowering. It may be worth opting for vibrant accent colours instead so that your outfits complement your photos, not take over the entire shoot!


Avoid matching outfits

Of course, having a cohesive look for the engagement shoot makes sense, but having a put-together feel for your outfits doesn’t necessarily equate to wearing identical colours or matching accessories.

In fact, more often than not, when couples do this it tends to look dated, which is definitely not what you are after!

Instead, how about going for different shades of the same colour or overall colour palette?  You could also consider having accents of the main colour in your outfits to help maintain some consistency. 

Of course, making sure that you are both wearing the same type of clothing – i.e. casual, formal etc. are important points to reiterate here too.  After all, if one of you is wearing jeans and the other is dressed as if ready to attend a ball, this isn’t going to translate quite as well visually.


couple love photo shoot

Opt for clothes with movement

For ladies, choosing a flowy blouse, midi or maxi dress that reflects movement well is highly recommended for capturing memorable engagement photos. Clothes that you can both easily move around in is key for complementing the overall feel of your photos and help to better encapsulate this carefree moment between the two of you.

Pick comfortable shoes

This isn’t to say you should pop on your slippers for ultimate comfort, but definitely keep in mind that you will likely be moving around a lot during this shoot with your photographer.

That means going for shoes that you know can walk about in quite happily without ending up in agony soon after. The focus should be on the union between you both, not with either of you being distracted by pain during the shoot. It will also make it harder for you to be ‘in’ the moment.

Think elegant flats, sandals or low heels for engagement shoots in the summer months, or stylish boots in the winter. 


couple photo shoot  couple happy photo shoot  couple photo shoot


Consider layers

Layering up for your engagement shoot is something to consider as it gives you some more options to play with, without having to cart around the equivalent of an entire dressing up box for the day.

It also provides you with some options should the weather change, which let’s face it, is quite possible if it is in the UK! For example, you could opt for a lightweight jacket over a floaty dress.


Be yourself!

It may be clichéd, I know, but it really is relevant when it comes to engagement photography! Picking an outfit that you feel completely yourself in – that makes you feel confident and far from self-conscious – is key to an engagement outfit. If you are both comfortable, this will absolutely shine through in your photos. 


If you are looking for someone who can work together with you on creating harmonious engagement and wedding photos, then I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch here. 




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