5 Tips for Planning a Minimalist Wedding

The understated beauty of a minimalist wedding seems to be gaining a new-found appreciation of late. Arguably, it is mainstream influences like the Marie Kondo methodology of only keeping things that spark joy, or the classic, adornment-free wedding dress Meghan Markle chose that are having this trickle-down impact. But what exactly is a minimalist wedding?

What is a minimalist wedding?

A minimalist wedding involves keeping things fuss-free: no lavish decorations, extravagant centrepieces, and certainly no embellishments either. But to be sure: this absolutely does not mean a dull and characterless wedding, which sometimes the term minimalism gets lumped with. When done successfully, minimalist weddings are really far from it. 

This is because one of the main tenets of minimalist weddings comes down to it simply being distraction-free – the centre of attention is on the smitten couple tying the knot, not on small things such as overflowing table arrangements. In terms of logic, you can’t fault it!

And it doesn’t mean skimping on style. Minimalist here definitely does not equate to meagre.

More than anything, minimalists weddings are known for being sophisticated and timeless as they tend to not follow the very latest fashion trends. This means that over time, minimalist weddings rarely look dated: a definite bonus as the years go by when you look back on your precious wedding photos!

But how do you go about planning one? Take a look below to see how best to go about putting together a minimalist wedding that will stand the test of time.

  • Think simplicity
  • Choose uncomplicated backdrops
  • Neutral colour palettes work best
  • Opt for greenery
  • Go for candlelight


Think simplicity

Think a sleek, elegant silhouette for the ultimate minimalist wedding dress, such a sumptuous slip dress or a-line gown for a graceful look down the aisle.

In fact, thematically, simplicity should be the keyword that your wedding planning hinges on throughout. This can be even be applied when it comes down to picking the dessert. For example, a minimalist wedding cake could be sparingly embellished with seasonal fruit instead of ornately decorated with flowers.

Choose uncomplicated backdrops

Keeping the backdrop fuss-free for the ceremony and reception is what you should be aiming for when planning a chic, minimalist wedding. This means keeping clean lines and carefully picking the decor you choose for a pared-back style. 

Or you could skip this entirely and opt for the ultimate uncomplicated backdrop – choosing a scenic location outside to elope. In this scenario, there is no need to worry about decor – nature has helpfully covered that for you. However, you might have to worry about the weather instead…we are in the UK after all!

Neutral palettes work best

Sticking to neutral colour palettes is key to a minimalist aesthetic, but it doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a little when it comes to the materials you pick. To keep things classy and polished, opt for fewer decor items and instead put emphasis on the thoughtful layering of white linens and choosing just one accent colour for accessories.

Opt for greenery 

For a pop of colour whilst keeping things oh so refined, go for greenery instead of extravagant flower displays. Sticking to greenery helps to better communicate your overall minimalist vision for the wedding. Think luscious foliage for centrepieces, or for table settings adding sprigs of fresh herbs or a few mini succulents. 

Go for candlelight

Soft candle lighting is the epitome of romance yet perfectly in keeping with a minimalist themed wedding, adding warmth in an understated way.

Sprinkle sparingly clear glass votives and tea lights among decorations (whilst adhering to fire safety precautions of course!) and dot white pillar candles within table arrangements for a magically minimal look.

If you are looking for someone who can capture photos that are perfectly harmonious with your minimalist themed celebrations, then contact me here. I work as a UK wedding photographer but also take my passion for creating authentic, emotion-driven imagery to destination weddings too. I look forward to hearing from you!


Photo: Phoebe Jane Photography
Floral Styling: Sprig & Thistle
HMUA: MUBY LEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist
Bridalwear: Luna Bride
Eco Confetti: Adam Apple Confetti
Jewellery: Joanna Reed Bridal
Models: TTM Management



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